Individuals and Couples

In a single person’s photo, individuality may be expressed. If this is a business photo, then you may dress for that profession. Generally, it’s wise to dress in solid colors. Dark or medium tones will bring desired attention to the face whereas whites and brights will draw attention away from the face. Long sleeves are recommended so that the only flesh in the photo is at the face, where the attention should be. And avoid stripes, plaids, and patterns as they are distracting as well.

Dress head to toe for your photo. This gives us the option of including 2/3 or full-length poses as well.

A little make-up goes a long way and lessens the need for retouching. Of course, our retouching service can take care of deep wrinkles, eye bags, blood-shot eyes, blemishes, yellowed teeth and stray hairs, threads, etc, so you will look great.

Families and Groups

The key to a good-looking family or group is uniformity in the clothing. Clothing is the visual element that conveys harmony and the togetherness that exists between the members. Don’t worry. You don’t have to quite look like identical soldiers!

Streamline your overall clothing style. For a casual look, consider solid long-sleeved shirts with denim pants. Assume that your shoes and socks will show. Or, light blue shirts with khaki pants. Some might dress in their favorite football team colors. Generally, long sleeves will look better than short. Hey…bring the dog, too!